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Jetpack apps helps teams reach their fullest potential by providing apps and solutions on top of Work OS.

Our apps and solutions

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VLOOKUP Auto-link

Connect multiple data sources to any of your boards automatically. Setup one time, connect forever. Use to build endless solutions such as inventory, sharing content on sharable boards and more...

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Extract - Integrate Email with

Streamline your workflows by integrating gmail and outlook to boards


Triggerly - QR Code Item Tracking

Empower Your Operations on with Dynamic QR Codes



The all in one recruiting software, built on top of Work OS - a ATS integrated with major job boards and automated your hiring pipeline.

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The ultimate global package shipping tracking integration for tracking +1000 shipping couriers worldwide.

Offsite chrome extension

Offsite - Chrome extension

Access your work OS directly from any browser window to get things done faster and smarter with our free monday chrome extension

About Us

We are a small team of problem solvers with vast experience in building software solutions . We help businesses and  teams around the world achieve their goals by creating simple solutions that makes an impact. We’ve been providing solutions for Medical, NGO’s, Marketing, Legal, Finance and other segments and would love to hear what problem we can solve for you.

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