Track all matching records from multiple boards in one simple view.

360 View brings together your leads, contacts, assets, you name it, from all corners of your boards based on matching keys.

Peer into the depths of your universe with one unified view

Sales and CRM

Get a unified perspective of each contact's journey, facilitating better tracking

Marketing Campaigns

Monitor campaigns, budgets, and results across different channels

Project Management

Align tasks, deadlines, and resources across multiple projects

HR and Recruitment

Consolidate candidate information from various job postings and stages

Asset Management

Keep track of asset status, maintenance records, and availability

Service and Support

Aggregate customer interactions from multiple boards into a single view

Set Up Guide

Installing and getting 360 View with live, linked data is easy and quick. 

 Learn how below

Install 360 View

When accessing  360 View on marketplace or, by clicking this link. Give 360 access rights to your boards by clicking install. 

Add View 360 to your boards

Once installed, Open an item and locate the “+” icon in your item view. Click on the “+” icon. 

Cannot locate the “+” icon? Click on the three dots menu (…) on the top right of this window and select “Edit layout and content”.

Now search for “360 View” and add it to your board 

Setup 360 View linked data

Once added to your board, click “Start” to setup your 360 View.

Select the key matching value on your current board. This needs to be a unique identifier such as email address, name, unique ID or a connect board column. 

Now, Select which board you would like 360 View to search on and in which column to look for a matching key.  You can add multiple boards. 

After saving your matching configuration, every time 360 View loads it will fetch matching items from multiple boards.

Clicking on the item name will open the item card 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Here’s a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Need Help? Contact Support

1. Add Item View

To add a 360 View, open one of your boards items and click on "+" icon next to in the top right corner of your item view.  Click on apps and select "360 view".

2. Customization

In this step you will define the key matching value of your current board. 

Link your current board data to other boards

Below Select the boards you woul like to search and match items from and select a key value (for example, email address, Company name, Team member, ID) that when matched, will load on 360 view. 


That's it. You are good to go!

360 View  supports all columns types but Formulas, rating, Progress, Files, Location, Tags, Time tracking, Auto number, Color picker . Creation log Subitems and monday Doc. 

Connect board columns support is coming soon. 


Yes, P360 View doesn't store or log your data in its service logs.  All of your data stays with and is not transferred outside of your instance. 

Yes. P360 View is a marketplace app that is availble for Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans. 

Yes, you can use 360 View on multiple boards and for multiple views in the same board. 


360 View


$45 /m

For all account users

Best for small team


360 View


$85 /m

For all account users

Best for multiple small teams

360 View


$155 /m

For all account users

Best for multiple growing teams

360 View


$295 /m

For all account users

Best for multiple  scaling  teams