Copy mirrored column to another column ...

1. Ensure that you have the VLookup app installed. If you haven’t done so, you can refer to an article on installing VLookup. 2. Set up VLookup integrations. a. Enable the option to automatically update changes in linked columns when a value in a particular column changes. “when a column value changes…” b. If you want

How to install VLookup?

Friendly Reminder Please don’t install the VLookup app and its integrations if you are not the account admin with permission to edit/write in the boards. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact your account administrator. Here’s a tutorial on how to install VLookup on →Install VLookup 1. Open your account and navigate’s Email-to-Board Integration with...

Collaboration and communication are crucial in ensuring teams stay organized and achieve their objectives.’s Email-to-Board integration provides a powerful solution by enabling users to convert emails into actionable tasks on their boards. By combining this feature with Extract integration, emails sent to the board’s secure address can be extracted, capturing essential details such as

Integrating Extract and Outlook in

This tutorial will guide you through integrating Extract and Outlook in Setting up this integration allows you to save the sender’s name, email, and content as an item in whenever an email creates a new item. Just so you know, due to limitations with Outlook, files attached to emails cannot be retrieved by

Automatically connect columns with Jotform and VLo...

Combining Jotforms and VLookup can significantly simplify data synchronization between boards, improving team productivity. To start, you will need to follow these steps: Step 1 In order to use VLookup, you need to install the VLookup app first from App Marketplace Step 2 Install the VLookup integration in both the source and target boards.

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To begin using VLookup in your workflow, follow these steps: Install VLookup: Visit the App Marketplace and search for VLookup. You can go ahead and install it to get started. Install VLookup Integrations: Once VLookup is installed, select the board where you want to use it and click on “Integrate.” Search for VLookup and choose

Connect formula column on multiple boar...

Users can now connect formula-type columns across multiple boards while maintaining automation functionality, thanks to a recent update to VLookup.   Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for mirroring a formula column with VLookup: Check that VLookup is installed. If you don’t already have it, watch this video to learn how to install it. In

GetSign Pricing Information

GetSign Pricing Information GetSign is a built in, flexible eSignature solution for with a competitive  pricing model that creates a true alternative for DocuSIgn, PandaDocs and more.. All GetSign subscription includes Unlimited Documents, templates and Signing, Customer support, Branding, Unlimited signature requests and signer attachments  Audit Trail and more.  Plan Description  Monthly Total Up to

How to Upgrade to the Latest TrackMy Version

In January, we made some changes to how TrackMy handles courier selection in order to improve the process. Since January, this version has been available to all new users, and we can assure you that it is stable. Moving to the new version won’t harm any of your current data. Starting April 1st, 2023, TrackMy

Mirror status column across boards

VLookup is a powerful app that allows you to match and synchronize data across multiple boards in With VLookup, you can automatically update data between boards, saving time and reducing errors.  Here’s how to get started with VLookup: Install VLookup from the App Marketplace. You can find it by searching for “VLookup” in