Routing emails to different boards usin...

Install Extract Integrations Install Extract from the Apps Marketplace. Go to the board where you want to use Extract and access the Integration center. Install Gmail integration, click this article to learn how to set it up Search for Extract and install the integration on your board.“when a new update is created using email, and

Getting started with Offsite​

Getting started with Offsite Exploring Three Key Features Offsite Offsite is a robust Chrome browser extension that allows you to easily capture and organize data from a variety of sources and save it to your board. In this tutorial, we will look at Offsite’s three main features. Task The first feature we’ll look into

Save updates to board columns

Save updates to board columns Extract is a powerful app that simplifies and streamlines your workflows. Extract enables you to extract information from the updates section of and automatically populate it into columns within your board. The information that can be extracted includes content, documents, files, and links. With Extract, you can

Gmail and integration

Gmail and integration Extract is a app that automatically extracts information from emails in Gmail, such as sender names, emails, files, and content, and adds them to items on a board. This allows users to automate their CRM and helpdesk workflows, by easily creating and tracking tasks, projects, and customer interactions in Chrome Extension: Offsite Chrome Extension: Offsite Are you looking for a way to boost your productivity and streamline your workflows? The Chrome Extension: Offsite might just be what you need. is a powerful Work OS that helps teams complete projects efficiently, collaborate effectively, and grow online. Offsite is a Chrome extension that lets you access link board updates across multiple boar... link board updates sync link board updates sync with VLookup and Extract. Updates Section allows you and your team to communicate social media style inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. Using Extract, you can extract the updates content,

How to manually connect sub-items on bo...

How to connect sub-items on boards Can you link subitems across boards on With VLookup, you can automatically connect sub-items across boards on This allows you to link a column of sub-items from one board to another, which can improve your workflow that involves interrelated boards. Sub-items provide your board with a

IT helpdesk via email for

IT Helpdesk via email for IT Helpdesk via email on using Extract. allows you to track all IT requests from across your organization with the use of automations and Extract. Extract allows you to capture email addresses, sender names, files, and email content, and automatically send autoresponders to your customers or team members. This

Capture email address and send an auto responder w...

Capture email address and send an autoresponder with Extract for Capture email address and send an autoresponder with Extract for The Email Column in allows you to attach an email address to an item and automatically send a response email to that address. This can help you streamline your communication and improve