and USPS integration with TrackMy is a powerful project management platform that allows teams to easily track and collaborate on tasks, projects, and workflows. One way to enhance the capabilities of is by integrating it with other tools and apps.


One such integration that can be useful for businesses is the integration with USPS  service. TrackMy is an app that allows users to track the status of their USPS packages in real-time. You can easily view and update the status of your packages directly from the dashboard.

USPS Parcel tracking on using TrackMy

To set up the integration, users first need to have a account. Then, you need to install the TrackMy integration from the marketplace.

Once the integration is set up, you can create a “USPS Tracking” item in your account. This item will allow you to enter the tracking number of your package and view its current status, expected delivery date, and current location in real-time.

The integration with USPS and TrackMy can be particularly useful for businesses that rely on shipping and receiving packages on a regular basis. By being able to track the status of your packages directly from your account, you can stay informed about the progress of your shipments and ensure that they are delivered on time.

USPS integration

Overall, the integration with TrackMy is a valuable addition to that can help businesses streamline their shipping processes and improve their overall efficiency. By being able to track their packages in real-time, businesses can have greater visibility and control over their shipments, which can ultimately lead to improved customer satisfaction.

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