Increase your team productivity with this powerful app. Achieve cross board data alignment while avoiding manual item linking and risk of human error.

This app is free to try and $39/month to fly

What is VLOOKUP Auto-Link? 

VLOOKUP Auto-link is a app that helps keep data across multiple boards aligned while saving the time of manual linking and keeping you safe from data alignment errors. 

Setting up VLOOKUP Auto-link is easy. Just install the app on your account, add our integration and start mapping the columns you would like to auto-link.

Supports most columns data types and monday automations

Link statuses, numbers, text, people, dates and more between your boards. Use native automations to take it to the next step.

Multiple boards and columns

Connect multiple data sources to any of your boards automatically. Setup one time, connect forever.

Real-time auto updates

Never worry again about data integrity of your connected data. Data across boards is updated in real time.

100% Data Security

All of your boards data is stored within We do not store or transfer any of your organisation data.


Auto-link App app consists of 2 integrations you’ll need to install on a source board  and Target boards for logging source board activity (New items, Item edits, deletions and additions) – and a board view that is installed on the target board for mapping auto-links between boards. Once integrations is installed and columns are mapped, columns on the source board will be automatically linked to the columns on the target board.

The app is free to evaluate with one mapping recipe that will let you auto-link a column between two boards. Once you decide to use it for more columns and boards you’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription.

A monthly subscription cost is $49 for unlimited usage within your account. You’ll get 2 months free if you purchase the annual plan. 

None of your account and board data is being stored outside of We do not transfer or store it anywhere else. Auto-links store only the relationships between boards and columns so it will be able to link the data between boards.

The OAuth scopes we are requesting are required for reading your boards data and linking between mapped columns. We do not store any of your boards data outside of

me:read – Read user profile information. We use this to be able to create an account on our information system. 

Boards: Read – Read users boards data. We use this to be able to link boards columns

Boards: Write – Modify user’s boards data. We use this one to edit and post data linked to the target columns

Users: Read – Read the profile information of the users on the account. We use this to be able to link “person” columns

Teams: Read – Read  information about teams on the account. We use this to be able to link “person” columns. – Read information of assets user has access to – We use this to be able to link files columns. 

We support most columns types. Here is the list of columns we do not support: Files, Formulas, Time tracking, Location, Color picker. 

Here is a list of column types you can use as target value column but not as a source column: Tags, dropdown, Rating,  Timeline. Week. 

Item name, can be used only as source column and not as target column. 

No. Sub items are currently not supported

No. Columns auto-link does ONE WAY linking between Source board and target board. Any change in the data in the target board will trigger an action that will result with fetching the source data back to the target board.

Make sure Auto-links integration is installed on your source boards  and target boards.

Source boards  are the boards you store the source data you want to link to your target boards.

Yes! Auto-link lets you link multiple boards data to one board and multiple columns data between multiple boards. For example, when you want to calculate the cost of human resource in a project you can pull cost per hour of people that participated in the project from one board and number of hours each put from another board.

To be able to create a cross board Auto-link between dropdown columns you’ll need to re-create the drop time items in the target boards. 

When linking between status columns and drop down columns, these columns content is not reflected in the target boards unless you’ll recreate same statuses and dropdown items you have in the source boards.

To link Statuses and drop down lists you will need to create the same drop down or statuses in the target  board when you set-up the auto-links.




Once this is created auto-links will be 

We are a certified solution partner, an established software company with teams based in Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. We love solving problems in peaceful and practical ways 😉.

Sure. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question using this form 

If you are using a form to input data to your source board but it is not getting linked you should make sure you installed the 2 VLOOKUP Auto-link  integrations on your target board. 

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This app is free to try and $39/month to fly