link board updates across multiple boar... link board updates sync link board updates sync with VLookup and Extract. Updates Section allows you and your team to communicate social media style inside an item, keeping all the conversations about a specific task or project in the same place and in context. Using Extract, you can extract the updates content,

How to manually connect sub-items on bo...

How to connect sub-items on boards Can you link subitems across boards on With VLookup, you can automatically connect sub-items across boards on This allows you to link a column of sub-items from one board to another, which can improve your workflow that involves interrelated boards. Sub-items provide your board with a

Vacation Tracker for

Vacation Tracker for VLookup is a customizable, automated vacation tracker and vacation request tracker that can be used with to streamline HR management. With VLookup, you can easily manage and track employee leave requests, giving you a bird’s-eye view of how many vacation days each employee has left. You can automatically link new

How to upgrade Extract

How to upgrade Extract In this article, you will learn how to upgrade Extract. Extract starts with a 14-day free trial which gives you 100 updates per month with access to one board. If you need access to more updates with access 2 to more boards, you need to upgrade to higher plans, the Basic,

IT helpdesk via email for

IT Helpdesk via email for IT Helpdesk via email on using Extract. allows you to track all IT requests from across your organization with the use of automations and Extract. Extract allows you to capture email addresses, sender names, files, and email content, and automatically send autoresponders to your customers or team members. This

Capture email address and send an auto responder w...

Capture email address and send an autoresponder with Extract for Capture email address and send an autoresponder with Extract for The Email Column in allows you to attach an email address to an item and automatically send a response email to that address. This can help you streamline your communication and improve

VLookup: The Best Alternative to Mirror...

VLookup: The Best Alternative to Mirror Columns VLookup is a tool that helps users store and update the same information across multiple boards in their account. It allows you to connect your boards and make changes to one board, which will automatically update the other board. This saves you time because you don’t

Inventory management with using VLookup

Inventory management with using VLookup Looking for QR Code tracking solution for tracking Inventory on Check out Triggerly– A fully integrated QR code tracking solution for your monday inventory workflows Inventory management, also known as stock management, is essential to running a successful business. With, you can easily manage your inventory in

Extract the email address from board updates to mo...

Extract the email address from board updates to board column If you want to automatically extract the sender’s email, name, files, documents, and calendar invites from your emails and save them to your board, you can use the Extract app from the Apps Marketplace. With Extract, you can easily streamline your CRM or

Track your package on

Track your package on Track Your Packages with and TrackMy is a powerful project management platform that allows you to streamline your workflows and manage your data more efficiently. With the TrackMy app, you can easily track all your international shipments – including carriers like DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx – in