We understand how important security and privacy of your data is.  All data being encrypted and backed up hourly, we also track all the latest security community outputs, promptly upgrade our services to fix new vulnerabilities and constantly make sure we are using the latest technology available. 

  • VLOOKUP does not store any personal information of our customers and their monday.com team members.
  • VLOOKUP does not store any Personal information and any of your monday boards’ data.
  • None of our team members have access to your account data.
  • This data is also encrypted.

None of your monday.com boards data is being transferred of stored on our DB – We store only the relations between your boards IDs and item IDs

Here is how we keep you data secured: 
  • Databases are not publicly accessible.
  • The application use TLS 1.2 to encrypt all of its traffic
  • HSTS is enabled
  • The application authenticate and authorize all requests
  • The application does not collect credentials or store PII of the users