Combining Jotforms and VLookup can significantly simplify data synchronization between boards, improving team productivity.

To start, you will need to follow these steps:


Step 1

In order to use VLookup, you need to install the VLookup app first from App Marketplace

Step 2

Install the VLookup integration in both the source and target boards. Locate the Integration Center in your source board, search for VLookup, and install the integration.

  1. “when item is created (using form or automation)”
  2. “when a column value changes, automatically update changes in linked boards”


Step 3

Install the VLookup Edit View in both the source and target boards.
Click on the + icon located below the board title in your source board.


Step 4

Create a recipe by adding the VLookup recipe to your target board, and map the columns with the board with your form using VLookup.

Step 5

Create a form in Jotform and include an Element that serves as the trigger for VLookup. This way, data from the source board can automatically populate the target board.

By completing these steps, you can establish a seamless and efficient process for collecting and synchronizing data based on form submissions.
The Jotform and VLookup integration can significantly boost your team’s productivity and streamline workflows.