Extract the email address from board updates to monday.com board column

Here is how to setup a complete solution for automatically extract the sender’s email, name, files, documents, and calendar invites to your monday.com board to streamline your CRM or Helpdesk workflows.

To get started, you’ll need to;

  • Install Extract from the Apps Marketplace
  • Go to the board where you want extract to work → Integration center
  • Search for Extract → install  Extract integration

“When a new item is created using email, save the Sender name and email address as item.”


  • Add an email integration → search for Gmail (Outlook is also supported)
  • Connect the Gmail account you want to link to your board

  • Select “When an email is received, create an item in group”

Any email that comes to your connected board will now be added to your board

Extract in action

See it in action!

This app is free to try and $35/month to fly

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