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WorkForms and VLookup are powerful tools that can help you collect and manage form data, and automatically assign people on With these tools, you can streamline your workflows and improve collaboration with your team. Here’s a brief overview of how they work:

WorkForms allows you to create and manage forms that can be used to collect data from your team or customers. You can customize the fields and design of your forms to fit your needs.

VLookup is an integration that connects your forms with your board. When a form is submitted, VLookup can automatically assign the data to the appropriate person or column on your board.

By using WorkForms and VLookup together, you can easily collect and manage form data, and automatically assign tasks and responsibilities to your team members. This can help you save time and improve your team’s efficiency.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Install the VLookup integration in both the source and target boards. To do this, go to your source board, click on the Integration Center, search for VLookup, and install the integration.

  • If you’re using automation to trigger the integration, make sure to install the “when item is created (using form or automation)” option.
  • If you’re adding the integration manually, you’ll need to install the “when a column value changes, automatically update changes in linked boards” option.

  • Install the VLookup Edit View in both the source and target boards. To do this, go to your source board, click on the + icon below the board’s title.

  • Create a repository board with a people column and a drop-down or status column. Create items in the repository board that match between a person and a drop-down selection.

  • Add the VLookup recipe to your target board, and connect the repository board with the board that has your form using VLookup.

  • From now on, when a form is submitted with a drop-down selection, VLookup will match the drop-down selection to the person and automatically assign them.
This is a sample form;

VLookup has been used successfully by a variety of organizations to streamline their processes and improve their productivity. To get a better understanding of how VLookup can be applied in different contexts, browse the following use cases

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