Setting up VLookup 2.0

Friendly Reminder Please don’t install the VLookup app and action Triggers if you are not the account admin with permission to edit/write in the boards. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact your account administrator. Here’s a tutorial on how to install VLookup 2.0 on →Install VLookup 1. Open your account

Intro to VLookup

Dive into VLookup 2.0! Are you on the lookout for ways to optimize your workflow and minimize errors on OS? Your quest ends with VLookup. This innovative app seamlessly automates board column connections, ensuring your data flows without hitches or glitches, all while putting human errors in the rearview. Jump right in with our

VLookup Activation Triggers

Triggers initiate the VLookup auto-link process, helping to fill in data in your target columns. Choose triggers based on your use case; this will install specific webhooks on the board of your choice. Friendly Reminder It’s essential to only activate the triggers relevant to your needs. Refrain from selecting triggers that aren’t applicable to your