Create team members repository on using VLookup

Auto assigns a person to another person column in another board (an alternative to connected boards) on using VLookup.

To get started, you’ll need to;

  • Install VLookup Integrations in both the source and target board

Go to your “source board” → Integration center

Search for VLookup → install integration

If your trigger is via automation, you need to install “when item is created (using form or automation”…”

If you are adding by hand, you need to install “when a column value changes, automatically update changes in linked boards“.

  • Install VLookup Edit View in both the source and target board.

Go to the “source board”→ click on the + icon located right below your board’s title.

  • Create a repository board with person columns, and create items matching between the two person columns.

  • Add the VLookup recipe to your target board.

Connect the source and target board columns. The trigger here is the “Owner” which is the target board key value. When you set the owner column in the target board, it will automatically populate the same data in the person column “Manager” on the same board.

See it in action!

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