IT Helpdesk via email for

IT Helpdesk via email on using Extract. allows you to track all IT requests from across your organization with the use of automations. Extract allows you to capture email address, sender name, files, and email content. And send automatic autoresponder to your customers or team members.

To get started, you’ll need to;

  • Install Extract from the Apps Marketplace
  • Go to the board where you want to extract to work → Integration center
  • Search for Extract → install Extract integration

“When a new item is created using email, save the Sender name and email address and Files and Content.”

IT helpdesk via email for

IT helpdesk via email for 

  • Add an email integration → search for Gmail (Outlook is also supported)

In this example, we are going to use Gmail. However Outlook works exactly the same and offer the same integrations.

  • Connect the Gmail account you want to link to your board

  • Select “When an email is received, create an item in group”

Any email that comes to your connected board will now be added to your board

Create auto-reply using the email from  email column
  • From the integration center, locate Gmail integration → locate “when column changes, send email to someone”

  • Click “email” to write your custom auto-reply.


Create automations to optimise the processes like if a customer respond to an email, the “status” column will change. And when a ticket is resolved, you can move it to another group.

IT helpdesk via email for

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