VLookup is a powerful app that allows you to match and synchronize data across multiple boards in monday.com. With VLookup, you can automatically update data between boards, saving time and reducing errors. 

Here’s how to get started with VLookup:

  • Install VLookup from the monday.com App Marketplace. You can find it by searching for “VLookup” in the marketplace and clicking “Install”.

  • Install the VLookup integrations in both the source and target boards. To do this, go to the Integration Center in each board and search for “VLookup”.

If you plan to trigger the integration through automation, install the “when item is created (using form or automation)” option.

If you plan to add the integration by hand, install the “when a column value changes, automatically update changes in linked boards” option to automatically update data when a value in the source board changes.

  • Install the VLookup Edit View in both the source and target boards. This will allow you to see the data that is being synchronized between the boards. To do this, click the “+” icon below the board’s title and select “VLookup” from the list of views.

  • Ensure that both the source and target boards have a “Status” column. This column will be used to match the data between the boards.
  • Add a VLookup recipe to your target board. This will allow you to connect the target board to the source board using VLookup. To do this, click the “Add recipe” button in the board’s automation center and select “VLookup” from the list of recipes. Follow the prompts to select the source board and the columns you want to synchronize.

With VLookup, you can match and synchronize data between boards in real time, ensuring that your team is always working with the most up-to-date information.

This app is free to try and $35/month to fly

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