1. Ensure that you have the VLookup app installed. If you haven’t done so, you can refer to an article on installing VLookup.

2. Set up VLookup integrations.

a. Enable the option to automatically update changes in linked columns when a value in a particular column changes.

“when a column value changes…”

b. If you want to trigger the link when creating an item in the target board using a form or automation, select “when item I created (using form or automation)…”

3. Create a recipe.

a. Define the key columns in your source and target boards, and specify the columns you wish to connect.

b. You can only link a mirrored column to a mirrored type column.

Source board

Target board

Recipe connecting source and target board columns

4. That’s it! Your mirrored column will automatically link to another mirrored column within the same board or on a different board once your target key is triggered.